Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

1/72 conversion of a stalker

Here I show my first conversion on a Stalker in 1/72 scale.Basic had been a Cowboy figure with jacket. All details what bothered me, had been sandpared. Than starting to sculpt the new items. First the sleeves of the jacket constructzed up with a little more volume. Than the belt of the backpack.
I take a bearded head from one of my pirates, full him with a hood, which is typical of the appearance of the Stalker. Given a new right Hand with automatic rifle and a new left hand get a baggage, sculpted from Magic sculpt.
The backpack too is sculpted from Magic Sculpt. When all is dry, I smoothen the surface, give the figure a primer and start painting.

placed the finbished figure on a base which had been ready for some time. Add part of a wheel loader, painted totally rusted.
Now this little scene wait for the next conversion from me .
Ciao Michael

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