Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

1/72 conversion of a stalker

Here I show my first conversion on a Stalker in 1/72 scale.Basic had been a Cowboy figure with jacket. All details what bothered me, had been sandpared. Than starting to sculpt the new items. First the sleeves of the jacket constructzed up with a little more volume. Than the belt of the backpack.
I take a bearded head from one of my pirates, full him with a hood, which is typical of the appearance of the Stalker. Given a new right Hand with automatic rifle and a new left hand get a baggage, sculpted from Magic sculpt.
The backpack too is sculpted from Magic Sculpt. When all is dry, I smoothen the surface, give the figure a primer and start painting.

placed the finbished figure on a base which had been ready for some time. Add part of a wheel loader, painted totally rusted.
Now this little scene wait for the next conversion from me .
Ciao Michael

Sonntag, 22. März 2015

PAW set 001 from Germania Figuren® is ready now

Today I manage finishing painting of the first figure in our range PAW (Post Apocalyptic World) from Germania Figuren® . Make the picture for the production label and than directly glue this into the diorama.
Here the content of Germania Figuren® Set PAW 001:

Two Mercenarie and a motorcycle with sidecar and 2 Rocker Members. I directly convert one motorcycle and its rider into the boss of the gang.

And you see the new figure glued into the Diorama. Nowe time to look which details could be add to give more realism to the project, and also looking if some more figure would fit, or overload the diorama.

The figure go now into production and will be available from Germania Figuren® at the end of April.

Hope you enjoy this little project and have some new idea out of the PAW.
Ciao Michael

Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

HellsAngels - sculpting of first set finished

The sculpting of our first set of figures and vehicle in the Post Apocalyptic World is finished and is on the way for mould making. After the test casting, painting and printing the label - so in march the set will be available.
Here the latest photo, sculpted by Stanislaw Czarnecki   :

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Partisan transporter

Conversion & painting - Stanislaw Czarnecki/ Poland

Here is an example of ingenuity guerrillas in a dangerous post apocalyptic world. To survive stalkers, gather every possible equipment to defend and attack. So has just created the "A-Team transporter", was created by the German carrier TPZ 1 "Fuchs" A4, cannon found on the battlefield and sheets, planks and other useful things. The vehicle is extremely maneuverable and has many useful features, and is very durable.
The tutorial will show you how to build such a vehicle in 1:72 scale yourself step by step!

Step 1.
gluing basic set up, processing and adding new armor, made of plasticard (hips). Making parts and equipment from the resin and brass plaques

Step 2.
painting a dark rust color primer (acrylic paint AK interactive), applying a layer of hairspray. The whole is painted two shades of green: Dark green on the whole vehicle and bright green on the elements faded from the sun. Wooden parts painted light wood color

Step 3.
after drying paint, scratches and abrasions made. The place where they will be scratching gently softens thiner, or water with alcohol. Then I removed the green paint and a toothpick stiff brush. In this way, the resulting scratches. Then I make a brush with rust stains and dirt. in places where there is rust, stains doing paint mixed with pigment. with dirt stains doing black and brown enamel thinned enamel solvent.

Step 4.
made of polyurethane resin new tires, rucksacks and equipment.

Step 5.
painting stand:
- Asphalt painted satin black paint (Pactra acrylic)
- The land is made by covering the area with wood glue and sprinkle dirty sand mixed with pigment. The whole land protected liquid primer (unigrunt).
- Water in pools made of polyurethane resin (or a wood glue mixed with pigment)


Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Motorcycle Rocker meet Mercenary

motorcycle rocker

This night I get from Stanislaw first picture of the master figure. Not finished, but here you could see in which way the set will come:

modelling & sculpting -  Stanislaw Czarnecki/ Poland

Next picture when they are ready 
Michael Cremerius/ Germany

Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

The forgotten T 62

The motorcycle and the figure are still in sculpting progress , so I start the little Dio which later will show this first set of Germania Figuren® in the Postapocalyptic Area. In my stock had been a long time ago build T 62 aqnd I decide to make some battle demage on this old model and paint it with several layers of rust.
The diorama had first been for another project, so I later have to modify the ground, so the tracks are real pressed into the ground. Also waiting for a Skeleton from my friend Erik Trauner, which will be next  the tank. The depression will be filled with water from Vallejo, coulored as chemical contaminated water. On the other side of the depression is the meeting of 2 members of Hell Angel with some Mercenaries.
Painting & Groundwork -  Michael Cremerius/ Germany 

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015


Our first project in modelling the world of the Postapocalypse is a motorcycle with sidecar, driven by some Rocker, Hells Angels, Bandidos etc. and a Checkpoint manned by 2 mercenaries.
Here some first picture of the project:

Modelling & Sculpting -  Stanislaw Czarnecki/ Poland

For showing the size we add only 2 figure of soldier WW II. later this will be replaced by 2 Rocker. More picture when the next step is ready.

Background to our project

This Blog is a cooperation between 

Michael Cremerius/ Germany & Stanislaw Czarnecki/ Poland

The Year 2015

A lot of crisis started in 2014 and developed to a terrible score in 2015. All over the world fanatic Islamic Terrorist attack and destroy Civilian targets which seem to work against the Scharia. A great number of newspapers, TV stations etc had been blow away. By the stronger and stronger reponse of police and army in some country like France their starts a Civil War in some departments.

At the beginning of 2015 the oil price see only one direction, going down and down. Because of this several oil producing country collapse and some went into Anarchy. This mainly in South America. One of the greatest producers, Russia get great problems on financial section because of the low prices for oil and gas. The Ukrainian Conflict about the Donbass escalate. By the limited support from Russia the insurgent in the Donbass region get heavy losses by the attacks of the Ukrainian army. Than a fanatic suicide commando from right-wing Ukrainian blow up 2/3 of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and destroy the harbor of Sebastopol. Now Russia could no longer stay aside and start a powerful offensive and within weeks most of Ukrainian territory is in the hand of Russian army. In this area the Ukrainian people starts a lossy partisan war.

But this do not hold Russian fanatics in several country to cry for a reunion of all parts of the former Soviet Republic in which Russian people dominate with the Homeland of Russia. A lot of more and more violently demonstration starts in the Baltic states, in East Poland, Moldavia and in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. It had been a hot summer of violence in several states .

In the Near east the IS state start again after some setbacks by Allied strike to overrun Iraqi Army position. They are able to conquer Bagdad. In this moment Iranian Revolution Guards conquer Basrah. The IS also get control about Northern Lebanon and parts of Jordan. But the result of this heavy fighting is that nearlv the complete Oil Production of Syria and Irak is destroyed for years. At the moment no problem, because a lot of oil is on the market.

The South American Producers Venezuela, Kolumbia and Mexiko could no longer export oil because of the rioting of parts of the population, so 15% of the world wide oil production is no longer in the market. Than in October a destructive attack of Boko Haram in Nigeria destroy the Oil production of this country and a lossy Civil War between Islamic parts of the population and the rest of the country fling the country into Anarchy. Like a Bush fire this violence rampant the surrounding country. Because of the ubiquitous corruption the armies of this country are not able to withstand. In some cases battalion on paper consist of three dozen of soldiers. France, for several years the main power in this area try to help , but because of the riot in mainland France, only the Foreign Legion is able to help, and this is not enough.

So the Year ends with a war in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, a lot of heavy demonstration in Northern Europe, Civil War in some departments in France, A victorious IS in the Middle East, Riot in North Africa and  Anarchy in Central Africa and parts of South America. One result of all this, is the exploding oil price.

No good start for the year 2016

The Year 2016

The war in Ukraine is going on, the Main front runs from Lutsk – Ternophil to Chervnvitzsi. The eastern part of the country is under Russian control, but a heavy Partisan War calls heavy losses under Russian supply units. The FSB react with several massacre of the civilian population.

A mild and rainy winter in Europe start into the Year 2016. In Estonia and Latvia had been several attacks with Molotov Cocktails on Police stations. The Government try to react but there is not enough manpower to secure all endangered places in this country. So they called for NATO support. But since this internal problem of both country this is rejected. As Poland support the Ukraine, the very limited number of Russian Mininority place some car bombs in City like Suwalki, Byalistok and Lublin. More than 150 death civilians. As by general acceptance this is supported by the FSB, there come a special assistance agreements between Poland and Germany. German Government send for usefull support several hundred policemen and border guards under Polish command. In this moment the government in several European states notice, that in the Years after the Cold War their armys had been reduced too much. For example , at the end of the Cold war in Germany there are 3000 tanks in service. At the beginning of 2016 there only remained 300 tanks. They directly try to expand the manpower and equipment of their army, but will they have enough time?

In USA the Policy if Isolation come to an end, but there are so many hot spots around the world,  so they have to select where to support.

In the Middle East the pressure of IS is still great to the neighboring countries. It is still not realy clear which state support the IS. Is Turkey a covert supperter? The Islam is divided between Sciiten and Sunnis and the hate between both come more and more to an explosive eruption.

IS starting new assault to Kobane, Kirkuk and Arbile. Turkey still not allowed support of Kurds troops, and so the Kurds in Tuekey Mainland become more and more aggressive. It is not clear is it only a Tactic, or did parts of the Turkish intelligence service support IS. Another strong attack of IS troops into direction of Basrah, first time with support of Saudi Arabian tank battalions led to the outbreak of war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The over-aged Iranian Airforce is not able to defend the country against the modern Saudi Arabian air strikes. Several miltary targets and nearly the complete oil industry where destroyed within 2 months. One of this air strikes hit the Nuclear reactor in Busher and it come to a catastrophic explosion. From Bandar up to Shiraz the complete erea is contaminated nuclear. In reaction to this Sciit labourers and Suicid comandos of the revolutionary guard destroy the harbours and several oil mine in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates. Within some month the most important area for oil production is from the market, and a great area is a nuclear desert.. Reaction of the Iranian Army is the use of fight gas and biological weapon.

By brand talk of several Iman all over the world Muslimic people  require the introduction of sharia, also in Country where only Minority is Muslimic. And it is a Sunnis demand. In all Europian Country there is riot on the streets whit young muslimic man. In this Moment the long burning conflict in Russia in the Caucasus landscape explode, and several city where captured by Muslim insurgent. Several Division of Russian Army where sent to the Caucasus. Also some mechanized division from the Ukrainian front. Within weeks several pipeline and oil producing industry in the Caucasus area are blown away.

The year ends with a more and more growing area of war, Ukraine, Caucasus, the Middle East and Africa are war reserve and in North Africa and southern France and most parts of South and Middle

America are civil war reserve. More than 60% of the world wide oil production is destroyed.

The Year 2017

In January the temperature in Russia, Northern Europe and North America fall to extreme minus temperatures of -30 to 35 degree. A very cold winter starts with only limited resources of Oil and Gas. As already described in the bible, the apocalyptic horsemen come not alone. Starting in Southern China a new Flu starts it way around the world, and this flu is resistant to antibiotics. More devastating than the Great Flu from 1918 the number of infected people exploded. Because of the reduced capacity of heating the houses, a lot of civilians live together in collective accommodation, and this was a Jackpot for the flu. Up to the spring 35 – 45 % in Europe and in some parts of Russia are dead.

As the USA have not so much problem with their Oil supply here the losses are under 20%. In this situation a lot of conspiracy theories goes around. This flu had been send by god, had been send from Russia, China etc, had been send by the Islamic terrorist etc. The hate between states States, ethnic groups and religions reaches the boiling point. In this situation some fanatics of the muslimic part in Siberia angry about the immense pollution from Russian Oil industry blow away several complexes of the oil Industry in Siberia and declare independence from Siberia. The counter reaction of the Russian army was fast and hard. In this impasse situation a small group of muslimic technican decide that they will no longer give their holy land to Russian government and bring some intercontinental missile to explosion. The area from Ufa to Perm to Novosibirk will be without human live for the next hundred years. The resources of Russia in Oil and Gasoline under war condition will be only for 6 months, than great problem will reduce the mobility of civilian live and the scope of the army for offensive go to zero.

The Russian headquarter make a decision. They have to capture some of the existing oilfields in Norway and Alaska and the new developed very great area around Altay in Northern China. Only with possession of this oil fields, Russia possible to make the status of a superpower still longer. First they “found” a contract that the selling of the State of Alaska 1867 was not correct, and this is still a part of Russia. In the knowledge of the limited resources of NATO states, the Russian Army and Navy starts a combined Air-Sea Attack to Alaska and Norway, in the course of these operations they also try to overrun Finland and Sweden to clear the Northern Front around Saint Petersburg. One Army corps move into Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania this should give more protection to the City of Saint Petersburg, and bring back the Russian stout people of this states back to Mother Russia. On the Polish Border several battles between Russian motorized division and Polish and German tank battalions. Because of the strong defense of the Swedish army  the Russian Invasion troop use tactical atomic weapon and make several gas attacks. HMS Vengence, one of the strategic submarine of the Royal Navy fire as reaction all 16 Trident to targets in Northern Russia and against Saint Petersburg. At the same day an amphibious fleet of Russian Navy was destroyed on the way to Seattle by a nuclear stocked Tomahawk. The reaction of Russian Navy is the destroying of several city on the North and West coast with cruise missiles. Three of this are fired to Kansas, to destroy several of the intercontinental missile of US AirForce. Most of the starting missile are destroyed, by exploding of some of them. The granary of the United states in Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma is now a nuclear desert, with the gost of hungers on the wall now. In Russia all greater City are destroyed too.

On the Chinese front the first attacks were very successful, but then the overwhelming odds of the Chinese Folk Army push the Invaders back. In this situation the Russian forces use the full range of ABC weapon which they have in their hands.In the Chinese Sea there are several battles between Chinese Navy and Japan, South Korea and Vietnam to get control about the oilfields in this part of the world. The 3rd Fleet of US Navy tries to support the Confederate state, when a powerfull attack of North Korea push to Seoul. The only possibility to stop this is the use of Atomic weapon, which are directly answered by attack of North Korean Missile forces.

All around the world several atomic weapon exploded, in USA and Russia some of the strongest weapon ever build by humanity. Extensive use of chemical weapon and in the Russian-Chinese War also Biological weapon made greater parts of the world uninhabitable. The surviving are torn by several religious conflicts, the most important between Christians and Muslims, but also between Muslim and Hindu.

In Europe, Russia and USA the surviving climb out of the ruins and try to organize a new live after the Postapocalypse. The devastating use of Abc weapons changed the face and the inhabitants of the planet completely. The hungry is part of the everyday, cigarettes and alcohol are luxury ware. If people find clothing in the ruins they are happy, gasoline is very rare. But the greatest change is in some areas the mutation of animals. The greater the reproductive rate, the more powerful are visible results. Amphibians and insects grew in size, sometime get additional Member extent etc. Around Kharkiv a growing population of rats , from the size of dogs had been seen. Ants and termites 15cm long could be found nearby several hot spots. the changes of the people are not watching so fast.

In this new world we start with our range of model and figure. Here we want to search for ideas, show the growing of master model and the building of diorama about the

Postapocalyptic World in 1/72

Michael Cremerius

Stanislaw Czarnecki