Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

The forgotten T 62

The motorcycle and the figure are still in sculpting progress , so I start the little Dio which later will show this first set of Germania Figuren® in the Postapocalyptic Area. In my stock had been a long time ago build T 62 aqnd I decide to make some battle demage on this old model and paint it with several layers of rust.
The diorama had first been for another project, so I later have to modify the ground, so the tracks are real pressed into the ground. Also waiting for a Skeleton from my friend Erik Trauner, which will be next  the tank. The depression will be filled with water from Vallejo, coulored as chemical contaminated water. On the other side of the depression is the meeting of 2 members of Hell Angel with some Mercenaries.
Painting & Groundwork -  Michael Cremerius/ Germany 

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