Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Partisan transporter

Conversion & painting - Stanislaw Czarnecki/ Poland

Here is an example of ingenuity guerrillas in a dangerous post apocalyptic world. To survive stalkers, gather every possible equipment to defend and attack. So has just created the "A-Team transporter", was created by the German carrier TPZ 1 "Fuchs" A4, cannon found on the battlefield and sheets, planks and other useful things. The vehicle is extremely maneuverable and has many useful features, and is very durable.
The tutorial will show you how to build such a vehicle in 1:72 scale yourself step by step!

Step 1.
gluing basic set up, processing and adding new armor, made of plasticard (hips). Making parts and equipment from the resin and brass plaques

Step 2.
painting a dark rust color primer (acrylic paint AK interactive), applying a layer of hairspray. The whole is painted two shades of green: Dark green on the whole vehicle and bright green on the elements faded from the sun. Wooden parts painted light wood color

Step 3.
after drying paint, scratches and abrasions made. The place where they will be scratching gently softens thiner, or water with alcohol. Then I removed the green paint and a toothpick stiff brush. In this way, the resulting scratches. Then I make a brush with rust stains and dirt. in places where there is rust, stains doing paint mixed with pigment. with dirt stains doing black and brown enamel thinned enamel solvent.

Step 4.
made of polyurethane resin new tires, rucksacks and equipment.

Step 5.
painting stand:
- Asphalt painted satin black paint (Pactra acrylic)
- The land is made by covering the area with wood glue and sprinkle dirty sand mixed with pigment. The whole land protected liquid primer (unigrunt).
- Water in pools made of polyurethane resin (or a wood glue mixed with pigment)


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